TimeDAO Prologue

It is Christmas 2031, Shawn is playing with the small 3D printed token he’s been dragging around for ten years, waiting for this exact moment to arrive.

When he turned 10, his grandfather gave him that token and told him to keep it safely, for it was the key to a treasure, one that would open on Christmas ten years from now.

That was the first time Shawn heard about Time Capsules, and although by 2031 Time Capsules were already a very common solution for parents and grandparents to store gifts for their children, he still remembers the sense of wonder he felt that Christmas while holding the token.

Shawn fires the Time Capsule Service App on his smartphone. The wait is finally over, he scans the plastic token and his time capsule opens. Inside he finds pictures, a note from his grandfather, videos of his grandparents and him when he was still a toddler and…a crypto wallet. His grandfather didn’t lie, there was indeed a treasure waiting…



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